Guest Editorial: Private vs. Dedicated Fleet? Top Shipper Considerations

Over the last few years, the combined forces of rising energy, equipment and commodity prices have created a strain on transportation budgets. Simply put, the costs of acquiring, fueling and operating a fleet continues to rise. Logistics managers face competing pressures to reduce internal costs, without sacrificing service levels required by value-conscious customers.

Not surprisingly, in-house fleets are under significant pressure to justify their effectiveness vs. available alternatives. Options generally include the increased use of common carriers or conversion from a private fleet to a dedicated contract carriage arrangement with a logistics provider. [Read more…]

Private Truck Fleets Look to Leasing

According to Bloomberg/BusinessWeek, America’s truck fleet is the oldest it has been in more than 30 years. The good news is demand for new trucks is on the rise. The bad news is the cost to buy a new commercial truck has jumped more than 30 percent [Read more…]