Penske Truck Rental’s 2014 Top Moving Destinations List

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America is on the move, folks, and it may not be where you would expect. According to data compiled by Penske Truck Rental, do-it-yourself movers continue to migrate to the warm and sunny areas of the Southeast and Southwest. Over the last five … [Read more...]

Penske Used Trucks Opening Three Commercial Dealerships

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Penske Used Trucks has doubled its commercial truck dealership footprint in North America, introducing centers in Dallas, metro Atlanta and in Canada. The company now has six locations including Phoenix; Torrance, California; and Charlotte, North … [Read more...]

Penske Truck Rental’s Annual Top 10 Moving Destinations

Penske Truck Rental Home Move

For the second straight year “Move Ahead” is presenting Penske Truck Rental’s list of top moving destinations. Just like in 2010, the 2011 edition has plenty of sunny locales. Here is the list: … [Read more...]