Freight Levels on the Rise

Freight rates are increasing and are expected to continue on an upward swing for the next 10 years with some of the highest growth coming between now and 2016.

American Trucking Associations (ATA) expects an average annual truck volume growth rate of 3.3 percent a year through 2016 and 1.2 percent annual growth rate from 2017 to 2022. [Read more…]

Quick Tips for College Moves

After a long and productive school year, college students are getting ready to move out – either back home, or off to the real world with a degree in hand.

There are many resources designed to lessen the headaches of moving, and it’s worth it to use them. One of the most practical things to do for a college move is to rent a moving truck.

Since college moves often mean traveling long distances, it can be hard to get a lot of people to help with the move. Rather than stuffing gear into multiple vehicles, a truck is a good simplifying solution. [Read more…]

Penske Earns Excellence Award for Transportation Management

There are many moving parts in the supply chain that must be constantly in synch to ensure consumers can enjoy their favorite foods and beverages when and where they want them. Penske Logistics has leveraged its expertise in transportation management to help one leading beverage maker further improve its supply chain performance. [Read more…]

Thieves Targeting Truck Fleets for Parts, Fuel and Tires

Not only is fuel theft an issue for truck fleets, but companies like Penske Truck Leasing are also filing regular police reports and working with police to help capture and prosecute thieves for the theft of expensive items like truck tires and catalytic converters. [Read more…]

Penske Logistics Executive to Present at DVZ-Forum

Marcus Gaffron, strategic account executive from the German office of Penske Logistics will present at the DVZ Forum in Salzburg, Austria, Thurs., March 22. The forum focuses on the future of ground transportation in Europe. [Read more…]

Penske’s New Program Puts Logistics Careers in Motion

Recent college graduates David Robinson and Justin Lottie are applying their hard-earned academic skills and driving real-world results for Penske Logistics.

Robinson and Lottie are among the 16 to 18 participants in Penske Logistics’ new Supply Chain Leadership Program (SCLP) – a challenging two-year entry-level rotational program within the fast-paced logistics environment. [Read more…]

Supply Chain Disruption Remains Top of Mind

The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) recently released its 2012 Risk Management Survey. According to the group’s press release, responses were gathered from 435 senior finance executives about risks that concern them now and those most likely to cause uncertainty over the next three years.

Thirty-six percent of the senior financial executives surveyed expressed concerns over business operations risks such as supply chain and/or production disruptions among others. These supply chain disruption concerns echo familiar sentiments from the 18th Annual Survey of Third-Party Logistics Providers from Northeastern University and Penske Logistics. [Read more…]

Charting a Path to Success in Sales with Penske

Emily Yoder began working for Penske Truck Leasing as a part-time telesales representative in the company’s corporate central reservations department while still in college. As she will tell you, Yoder’s “grown-up in the company.”

Today, Yoder (photo right) is a first-time entrant to Penske’s elite sales group known as the Winner’s Circle, as a lease sales representative (LSR) in the company’s Mid-Atlantic region. [Read more…]

Penske Used Truck Sale on Box Trucks (Sale Again Extended)

**This sale has once again been extended to May 31, 2012.** Penske Used Trucks is currently selling 12-foot and 16-foot box trucks across the U.S. that come with a special $1,500 discount and a complimentary 6-month extended warranty. Call 1-888-803-5675 and mention reference code HC1011BL for full details. [Read more…]

Penske Hosting Career Fairs at UTI-Dallas, Nashville Auto Diesel

Penske Truck Leasing’s fleet maintenance and recruiting teams will host career fairs in March at UTI-Dallas and Nashville Auto Diesel College to fill diesel technician and customer service representative positions. [Read more…]